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52ª RSA - Università Roma Tre - 14-15 Ottobre




Roma, 14-15 Ottobre 2011

Università Roma Tre





8:30-9:00 Registrazione dei partecipanti


9:00-9:30 Saluti ed apertura


9:30-10:45 Lezione plenaria
Kaushik Basu (Cornell University, Chief Economic Adviser, Government of India)
The Emergence of the Indian Economy


10:45-11:00 Coffee break


11:00-13:00 Sessioni parallele


A1 150 years of political union and economic dualism (co-organizzata con la Rivista Italiana degli Economisti)
Presiede: Michele Fratianni – Discutono: Claudio De Vincenti, Giovan Battista Pittaluga

  • Macroeconomic Instability and the Phillips Curve in Italy (Abstract) (Full-text)
    Alessandra Del Boca, Michele Fratianni, Franco Spinelli, Carmine Trecroci
  • Struttura fondiaria, brigantaggio ed associazioni criminali nel Mezzogiorno nei decenni post-unitari (Abstract) (Full-text)
    Alfredo Del Monte, Luca Pennacchio
  • Fiscal Policy and Public Debt Dynamics in Italy, 1861-2009 (Abstract)  (Full text)
  • Alessandro Piergallini, Michele Postigliola
  • The sustainability of fiscal policy in Italy: A long term perspective (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Silvana Bartoletto, Bruno Chiarini, Elisabetta Marzano

A2 Unemployment and macroeconomic policies (co-organizzata con l’ EACES)
Presiede: Marcello Signorelli – Discutono: Emanuela Ghignoni, Marcello Signorelli

  • Stakeholder protection in corporate governance and in the legal system, long term unemployment and the varieties of capitalism (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Alberto Chilosi
  • Assessing Labour-market Policies in the OECD. A difference-in-difference approach (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Sergio Destefanis, Giuseppe Mastromatteo
  • Labor market imperfections, real wage rigidities and financial shocks (Abstract) (Full text)
    Nicola Acocella, Laura Bisio, Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Alessandra Pelloni
  • Financial Crisis and Global Imbalance: its Labor Market Origins and the aftermath (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Pasquale Tridico

A3 Investments, innovation and industry dynamics (co-organizzata con la SIEPI)
Presiede: Francesco Silva – Discutono: Laura Rondi, Francesco Silva

  • Inside Innovation Persistence: New Evidence from Italian Micro-data (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Cristiano Antonelli, Francesco Crespi, Giuseppe Scellato
  • Dynamics of Investment and Firm Performance: Comparative evidence in manufacturing industries (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Marco Grazzi, Nadia Jacoby, Tania Treibich 
  • Intangible Assets and Human Capital in Manufacturing Firms (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Alessandro Arrighetti, Fabio Landini, Andrea Lasagni
  • The demand for foreign languages in Italian manufacturing (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Roberto Antonietti, Massimo Loi

A4 Energy and sustainable development (co-organizzata con  l’AIEE e sponsorizzata dal l’ENI)
Presiede: Carlo Andrea Bollino – Discutono: Carlo Andrea Bollino, Alessandro Sapio

  • The willingness to pay for Renewable Energy Sources: the case of Italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Simona Bigerna, Paolo Polinori
  • Sustainable growth with renewable and fossil fuels energy sources (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Carlo Andrea Bollino, Silvia Micheli
  • Brown sunsets and green dawns in the industrial sector: Eco innovations, firm behavior and the European emission trading (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Simone Borghesi, Giulio Cainelli, Massimiliano Mazzanti
  • Optimal abatement investment and environmental policies under pollution uncertainty (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Enrico Saltari, Giuseppe Travaglini

A5 Experiment and preferences
Presiede: Daniela Di Cagno – Discutono: Enrica Carbone, Daniela Di Cagno

  •  The Explanatory and Predictive Power of Non Two-Stage-Probability Theories of Decision Making Under Ambiguity (Abstract) (Full text) 
    John D. Hey, Noemi Pace
  •  Combining Choise Experiments with Psychometric Scales to assess the social acceptability of wind energy development projects (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Elisabetta Strazzera, Marina Mura, Davide Contu
  • Residential choices and interaction in three-member households: a choice experiment (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Edoardo Marcucci, Amanda B. Stathopoulos, Romeo Danielis, Lucia Rotaris
  •  Don’t Be Ashamed to Say You Didn’t Get Much: Redistributive Effects of Information Disclosure in Donations and Inequity-Aversion in Charitable Giving  (Abstract)  (Full text) 
    Leonardo Becchetti, Vittorio Pelligra

A6 Trade costs
Presiede: Luca De Benedictis – Discutono: Giuseppe De Arcangelis, Luca De Benedictis

  •  Trade Costs and the Agglomeration of Production (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Gianluca Cafiso
  •  Trade costs and the pattern of Foreign Direct Investment: evidence from five EU countries (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Paola Cardamone, Margherita Scoppola
  • Trade costs in bilateral trade flows: Heterogeneity and zeroes in structural gravity models (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Rosa Bernardini Papalia, Silvia Bertarelli
  •  Exports vs. Foreign Direct Investments: evidence from cross-country industry data (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Filomena Pietrovito, Alberto Franco Pozzolo, Luca Salvatici

A7 Education
Presiede: Massimo Giannini – Discutono: Massimiliano Bratti, Massimo Giannini

  •  Higher Education Expansion, Human Capital Externalities and Wages: Italian Evidence within Occupation (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giulio Bosio, Chiara Noè
  •  The Long-Lasting Effects of School Entry Age: Evidence from Italian Students (Abstract)  (Full text) 
    Michela Ponzo, Vincenzo Scoppa
  •  Immigrants, educational systems and background. Cross-country evidence from PISA 2006 (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Marina Murat, Davide Ferrari, Patrizio Frederic, Giulia Pirani
  •  Older Workers’ Training Opportunities in Times of Workplace Innovation (Abstract)(Full text) 
    Elisabetta Magnani

A8 Industrial organizzation I
Presiede: Riccardo Martina – Discutono:  Riccardo Martina, Marcella Scrimitore

A9 Family I
Presiede: Mario Padula – Discutono: Flavia Coda Moscarola, Mario Padula

  • Accounting for Unobserved Heterogeneity in Discrete-time, Discrete-choice Dynamic Microsimulation Models. An application to Labor Supply and Household Formation in Italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Ambra Poggi, Matteo Richiardi
  •  Use of time and value of unpaid family care work: a comparison between Italy and Poland (Abstract)
    Francesca Francavilla, Gianna Claudia Giannelli, Gabriella Grotkowska, Mieczyslaw W. Socha
  • Employment protection and fertility: Evidence from the 1990 Italian reform (Abstract)(Full text) 
    Ervin Prifti, Daniela Vuri
  •  Leaving home an housing prices. The experience of Italian youth emancipation (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Francesca Modena, Concetta Rondinelli

A10 Young economists
Presiede: Laura Bottazzi – Discutono: Laura Bottazzi, Roberto Cellini

  •  Multigroup Segregation Patterns and Determinants: the Case of Immigrants in an Italian City (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Francesco Andreoli
  • Standards and Political Economy of Speciality Foods in Italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Chiara Landi, Gianluca Stefani
  •  Duopoly Competition, Escape Dynamics and Non-cooperative Collusion (Abstract)(Full text) 
    Batlome Janjgava, Sergey Slobodyan
  • Do competitive sellers disclose their offers? Consumer sophistication does not matter (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Elena D’Agostino

A11 Health and pharmaceutical industry
Presiede: Rosella Levaggi – Discutono: Raffaele Lagravinese, Rosella Levaggi

  •  An empirical analysis of habit and addiction to antibiotics (Abstract) (Full text)
    Massimo FilippiniGiuliano Masiero
  • Optimal sequential sampling rules for the economic evaluation of health technologies (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Paolo Pertile, Martin Forster, Davide La Torre
  • Unveiling the effects of sunk costs: barrier to entry vs. commitment (Abstract)
    Gianni Amisano, Marita Letizia Giorgetti, Maria Luisa Mancusi

A12 Recent advancements in the history of economic ideas (co-organizzata con la  STOREP)
Presiede: Maria Cristina Marcuzzo – Discutono: Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Neri Salvadori

  • Alle origini della teoria del ciclo economico reale: la teoria matematica del ciclo economico in Italia negli anni Trenta (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Mario Pomini
  • Chapter 18 of the General Theory ” Further Analysed”: The Theory of Economics as a Method (Abstract) (Full text)
    Anna M. Carabelli, Mario A. Cedrini
  • Sraffa and Keynes on the Definition Commodity-Rate of Interest (Abstract) (Full text)
    Nerio Naldi
  •  An Algorithmic Contribution to a Sraffian Measurement of Technological Progress (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Stefano Zambelli, Thomas Fredholm


13:00-14:00 Lunch


14:00- 16:00 Tavola rotonda: Public Debt and Growth Policies in Italy
Presiede: Alessandro Roncaglia – Speakers: Terenzio Cozzi, Carlo D’Adda, Luigi Pasinetti, Alberto Quadrio Curzio


16:15-18:15 Sessioni parallele

B1 Temporary workers and employment protection (co-organizzata con l’ AIEL)
Presiede:  Paolo Naticchioni- Discutono: Paolo Naticchioni, Francesco Pastore

  •  Why Hiring Temporary Workers? (Abstract) (Full text)
    Francesca Lotti, Eliana Viviano
  •  Temporary Employment and Firm-Sponsored Training (Abstract)
    Matteo Picchio, Jan C. van Ours
  • The Impact of EPL on Labour Productivity in a General Equilibrium Matching Model (Abstract) (Full text)
    Domenico Lisi
  • Excess worker turnover in two-tier systems: Firm and match heterogeneity (Abstract)(Full text) 
    Mário Centeno, Álvaro A. Novo

B2 Trade policies
Presiede: Pasquale Scandizzo – Discutono: Silvia Nenci, Pasquale Scandizzo

  • Preference erosion and the developing countries exports to the EU: A dynamic panel gravity approach (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Valentina Raimondi, Margherita Scoppola, Alessandro Olper
  •  Do Preferential Trade Policies (Actually) Increase Exports? A comparison between EU and US trade policies (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Maria Cipollina, David Laborde, Luca Salvatici
  •  Modeling Trade Policies under Alternative Market Structures (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giovanni Anania, Margherita Scoppola
  • North-South trade, Antidumping and Information Asymmetry (Abstract) (Full text)
    Patrice Cassagnard, Jean-Marie Cardebat

B3 Industrial organization II
Presiede: Alessandra Chirco – Discutono: Carlo Capuano, Alessandra Chirco

  •  Relaxing Competition through Product Innovation (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Jan Boone, Erik Brouwer, Lapo Filistrucchi, Henry van der Wiel
  • The Strategic Timing of R&D Agreements (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Marco A. Marini, Maria L. Petit, Roberta Sestini
  •  Quantity competition vs. price competition under optimal subsidy in a mixed duopoly (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Marcella Scrimitore
  • R&D Collaboration in Collusive Networks (Abstract) 
    Gizem Korkmaz

B4 Fiscal policy
Presiede: Vincenzo Patrizii – Discutono: Francesco Nucci, Vincenzo Patrizii

  •  Fiscal policy and lending relationships (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giovanni Melina, Stefania Villa
  • Dal lavoro al consumo: quali spazi per uno spostamento del carico fiscale? (Abstract) 
    Giampaolo Arachi, Massimo D’Antoni, Alberto Zanardi
  • How does a Fiscal Reform Affect Elasticities of Income Tax Revenues? The Case of Spain 2003-2008 (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Diego Martínez-López
  •  Follow the herd. Spatial interactions in tax setting behaviour of Italian municipalities (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Domenico Depalo, Giovanna Messina

B5 Globalization, economic growth and development (co-organizzata con l’ AISSEC)
Presiede: Milica Uvalic – Discutono: Alberto Chilosi, Milica Uvalic

  • Total factor productivity growth and employment protection of temporary workers in EU economies (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Mirella Damiani, Fabrizio Pompei, Andrea Ricci
  • Rule of Law and its implications for the environmental taxation-income path across European Countries (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Concetta Castiglione, Davide Infante, Janna Smirnova
  • Global Quality Competition, Offshoring and Wage Inequality (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giammario Impullitti
  • Economic policy coordination in a regionally integrated area (Abstract) (Full text)
    Massimo Cingolani

B6 Family II
Presiede: Alessandra Pelloni – Discutono: Carlo D’Ippoliti, Alessandra Pelloni

  • Simultaneous Hedging of Upgrading Costs and Optimal Public Policies with Many Orphan Diseases (Abstract)  (Full text) 
    Patrick L. Leoni
  •  Can the Longevity Risk Alleviate the Annuitization Puzzle? Empirical Evidence from Dutch Data (Abstract) (Full text)
    Federica Teppa
  • Parent-Children “Deals”: Inter Vivos Transfers and Living Proximity (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Flavia Coda Moscarola, Elsa Fornero, Mariacristina Rossi 
  • Birth order and Child Outcomes: Does Maternal Time Quality Matter? (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Chiara Monfardini, Sarah Grace See

B7 Regulatory issues
Presiede: Alfredo Del Monte – Discutono: Alfredo Del Monte, Michele Grillo

  •  Service deregulation, competition and the performance of French and Italian firms (Abstract) 
    Francesco Daveri, Remy Lecat, Maria Laura Parisi
  • Access Regulation, Entry and Investments in Telecommunications (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Fabio M. Manenti, Antonio Scialà
  • Regulatory Independence, Investment and Political Interference: Evidence from the European Union (Abtract) (Full text) 
    Carlo Cambini, Laura Rondi
  • The Costs of Avoiding Accidents. Selective Compliance and the ‘Peltzman Effect’ in Italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Simona Benedettini, Antonio Nicita

B8 Migration
Presiede: Maria Rosaria Carillo – Discutono: Maria Rosaria Carillo, Domenico Scalera

  • On the Pro-Trade Effect of Immigrants (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Massimiliano Bratti, Luca De Benedictis, Gianluca Santoni
  • A firm level perspective on migration (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giulia Bettin, Alessia Lo Turco, Daniela Maggioni
  • Don’t stand so close to me: The urban impact of immigration (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Antonio Accetturo, Francesco Manaresi, Sauro Mocetti, Elisabetta Olivieri
  • Da paesi vicini, democratici e non troppo poveri: l’immigrazione straniera nelle province italiane (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Gabriele Morettini, Andrea F. Presbitero, Massimo Tamberi

B9 Quality of life and inequality
Presiede: Raffaele Paci – Discutono: Luisa Corrado, Raffaele Paci

  • La Dolce Vita: Hedonic Estimates of Quality of Life in Italian Cities (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Emilio Colombo, Alessandra Michelangeli, Luca Stanca
  • Innovation, Growth and Quality of Life: a Theoretical Model and an Estimate for the Italian Regions (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giorgio D’Agostino, Margherita Scarlato
  •  On multidimensional inequality with variable household weight (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Ernesto Savaglio
  • Spectators versus stakeholders with or without veil of ignorance: the difference it makes for justice and chosen distribution criteria (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Leonardo Becchetti, Giacomo Degli Antoni, Stefania Ottone, Nazaria Solferino

B10 The role of Italian economists in the unification process (co-organizzata con l’AISPE)
Presiede: Lilia Costabile – Discutono: Piero Bini, Lilia Costabile

  •  L’economia italiana del Risorgimento. Appunti (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Riccardo Faucci
  •  The role of Economists in Parliament and Government after the Unification of Italy (1861-1922) (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Massimo M. Augello, Marco E.L. Guidi
  •  Economic Theory, Public Opinion and the Press in Italy: The Case of Luigi Einaudi (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giovanni Pavanelli
  •  Banking Regulation and Money Value Theory The “Third Way” of the First Left-Wing Government in Italy (1876-1879) (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Anna La Bruna

B11 Corruption
Presiede: Bruno Chiarini – Discutono: Bruno Chiarini, Giuseppe Di Vita

  • A growth model with corruption in public procurement: equilibria and policy implications (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Serena Brianzoni, Raffaella Coppier, Elisabetta Michetti
  • Is There an Optimal Level of Political Competition in Terms of Economic Growth? Evidence from italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    M.Rosaria Alfano, A. Laura Baraldi
  • Bureaucrats vs the Mafia: Corruption, Extortion and Illegal Waste Disposal (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Alessio D’Amato, Mariangela Zoli
  • Living With Corruption: Threshold Effects in Red Tape and Rent Seeking (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Keith Blackburn, Niloy Bose, Salvatore Capasso


18:15-19:30 Assemblea Annuale dei Soci


20:30 Cena sociale 



8:30 – 10:00 Sessioni parallele

C1 Corporate governance and incentive contracts
Presiede: Marco Cuccullelli – Discutono: Leonardo Boncinelli, Marco Cucculelli

C2 Decentralization and fiscal policies
Presiede: Alberto Zanardi – Discutono: Fabio Fiorillo, Alberto Zanardi

  •  Economic Integration, Tax Erosion, and Decentralisation: An Empirical Analysis (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Francesca Gastaldi, Paolo Liberati, Antonio Scialà
  • Soft budget constraint in health care: evidence from Italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Rosella Levaggi, Francesco Menoncin
  •  The impact of fiscal decentralization on the composition of public expenditure: panel data evidence from Italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Maria Jennifer Grisorio, Francesco Prota

C3 Economic crisis: firms’ behaviour and labour market
Presiede: Alessandro Sterlacchini – Discutono: Paolo Paesani, Alessandro Sterlacchini

  •  Economic Crisis, Innovation Strategies and Firm Performance. Evidence from Italian Firm-level Data (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Davide Antonioli, Annaflavia Bianchi, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Sandro Montresor, Paolo Pini
  • Global crisis, firms’ survival and growth in Italy. Did exporters, foreign and domestic multinationals behave any different? (Abstract) 
    Adalgiso Amendola, Anna Ferragina, Rosanna Pittiglio, Filippo Reganati
  • Financial Crises and Unemployment: Beyond the Okun’s Law (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Francesco Bartolucci, Misbah T. Choudhry, Enrico Marelli, Marcello Signorelli

C4 Development economics
Presiede: Lorenzo Sacconi – Discutono: Lorenzo Sacconi, Pasquale Scaramozzino

  •  Climatic factors and economic growth in Africa (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Matteo Lanzafame
  •  Brothers in Alms? Coordination between NGOs on Markets for Developement Donations (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Gani Aldashev, Marco A. Marini, Thierry Verdier

C5 Culture, environment and tourism (co-organizzata con l’ AEC)
Presiede: Gaetana Trupiano – Discutono: Tiziana Cuccia, Gaetana Trupiano

  •  An urban icon? The case of the Iceman Ötzi (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Juan Gabriel Brida, Marta Meleddu, Manuela Pulina
  • The Political Economy of Cultural Spending: Evidence from Italian Cities (Abstract)(Full text) 
    Chiara Dalle Nogare, Matteo M. Galizzi
  •  An Ordered Proibit Model of Live Performance Attendance for 24 EU Countries (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Martin Falk, Rahel Falk

C6 Macro-econometric tools for policy analysis (co-organizzata con la SIdE) 
Presiede: Paolo Paruolo – Discutono: Paolo Paruolo, Sergio Scarlatti

  •  On the nature of the financial system in the Euro Area: a Bayesian DSGE approach (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Stefania Villa
  • DSGE Model Evaluation and Hybrid Models: A Comparison (Abstract)  (Full text) 
    Alessia Paccagnini
  •  Conditional jumps in volatility and their economic determinants (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Massimiliano Caporin, Eduardo Rossi, Paolo Santucci de Magistris

C7 Issues of regional economics
Presiede: Margherita Scarlato – Discutono: Ugo Fratesi, Margherita Scarlato

  • Education or Creativity: what matters most for economic performance? (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Emanuela Marrocu, Raffaele Paci
  • Spatial Structure and Productivity in Italian NUTS-3 regions (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Paolo Veneri, David Burgalassi
  •  Firm Heterogeneity, local externalities and Regional Business Cycles Differentials (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Roberto Basile, Sergio de Nardis, Carmine Pappalardo

C8 Decentralization, equity and efficiency of the health system (co-organizzata con l’AIES):
Presiede: Vincenzo Atella – Discutono: Vincenzo Atella, Vincenzo Rebba

  • Understanding Inappropriateness in Health Care: The Role of Supply Structure, Pricing Policies and Political Institutions in Caesarean Deliveries (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Maura Francese, Massimiliano Piacenza, Marzia Romanelli, Gilberto Turati
  • Costi standard e finanziamento del Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Cristiana Abbafati, Federico Spandonaro
  • Social Heterogeneity and efficiency in Italian Health care system: A Simar-Wilson methodology analysis (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Raffaele Lagravinese, Massimo Paradiso, Camilla Mastromarco

C9 Political Economy
Presiede: Alessandro Petretto – Discutono: Alessandro Petretto, Patrizia Tiberi Vipraio

C10 The economics of China
Presiede: Leonardo Gambacorta – Discutono: Leonardo Gambacorta, Giovanni Trovato

  •  Measuring China’s innovative capacity. A stochastic frontier exercise (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Riccardo Leoncini, Chiara Franco
  •  Technical Efficiency and Governance: The Case of China (Abstract)  (Full text) 
    Giovanni Ferri, Li-Gang Liu, Camilla Mastromarco
  •  The Stock Market Reaction to the 2005 Non-Tradable Share Reform in China (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Andrea Beltratti, Bernardo Bortolotti, Marianna Caccavaio


10:00-10:15 Coffee Break


10:15-11:45 Sessioni parallele

D1 Macroeconomic empirical issues
Presiede: Corrado Benassi – Discutono: Corrado Benassi, Riccardo Fiorito

  •  Heterogeneous Productivity Shocks, Elasticity of Substitution and Aggregate Fluctuations (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Alessio Moro, Rodolfo Stucchi
  •  Exchange Rate and Wage Adjustment (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Francesco Nucci, Alberto Franco Pozzolo

D2 Banking
Presiede: Giuseppe Coco – Discutono: Giuseppe Coco, Andrea F.Presbitero

  • Bank Heterogeneity and Interest Rate Setting: What Lessons Have We Learned after Lehman? (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Leonardo Gambacorta, Paolo Emilio Mistrulli
  •  The Commitment Problem of Secured Lending (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Daniela Fabbri, Anna Maria C. Menichini
  • The impact ot the recent financial crisis on bank loan interest rates and guarantees. The case of Italian small-sized firms (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giorgio Calcagnini, Germana Giombini

D3 Institutions and norms
Presiede: Salvatore Capasso – Discutono: Salvatore Capasso, Giovanni D’Orio

  • Measuring the Shadow Economy with the Currency Demand Approach a Reinterpretation of the Methodology with an Application to Italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Guerino Ardizzi, Carmelo Petraglia, Massimiliano Piacenza, Gilberto Turati
  • Inside the black box of collective reputation (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Stefano Castriota, Marco Delmastro
  •  Imperfect Substitutes for Perfect Complements: Solving the Anticommons Problem (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Matteo Alvisi, Emanuela Carbonara

D4 Economic growth: empirical issues
Presiede: Antonella Palumbo – Discutono: Roberto Basile, Antonella Palumbo

  • International competitiveness in post-Keynesian growth theory: controversies and quantitative evidences (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Luciano Boggio, Laura Barbieri
  •  Testing for Convergence from the Micro-Level (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giorgio Fazio, Davide Piacentino
  • Do collaborations enhance the high quality output of scientific institutions? Evidence from the Italian Research Assessment (2001-2003) (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Maria Rosaria Carillo, Erasmo Papagni, Alessandro Sapio

D5 Poverty, income distribution and financial exclusion
Presiede: Maurizio Franzini – Discutono: Maurizio Franzini, Marco Malgarini

  •  Opportunity-sensitive poverty measurement (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Paolo Brunori, Francisco Ferreira, Maria Ana Lugo, Vito Peragine
  •  Equivalence scales declining with expenditure: evidence and implications for income distribution (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Fabrizio Balli, Silvia Tiezzi
  •  Is perceived financial inadequacy persistent? (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Orcun Kaya

D6 Fiscal federalism and efficiency (co-organizzata con la SIEP)
Presiede: Giorgio Brosio – Discutono: Giorgio Brosio, Paolo Liberati

  • Federalismo, costi standard ed efficienza (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Enrico Buglione, Vincenzo Patrizii
  •  Need Equalization Transfers and Productive Efficiency of Local Governments (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Alessandro Petretto
  •  Electoral Accountability and Local Government Efficiency: Quasi-Experimental Evidence From the Italian Health Care Sector Reforms (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Francesco Porcelli

D7 Social responsibility
Presiede: Giovanni Ferri – Discutono: Pasquale De Muro, Giovanni Ferri

  • Heterogeneous firms and Corporate Social Responsibility: an analysis in times of crisis (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Luisa Giallonardo, Marcella Mulino
  • Market Equilibrium in the Presence of Green Consumers and Responsible Firms: a Comparative Statics Analysis (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Nicola Doni, Giorgio Ricchiuti
  • Regulation and Behavior of Grant-Making Foundations in the USA (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Gian Paolo Barbetta, Luca Colombo, Gilberto Turati

D8 Gender and labour markets
Presiede: Riccardo Leoni – Discutono: Sergio Destefanis, Riccardo Leoni

  •  Knowledge and Job Opportunities in a Gender Perspective: Insights from Italy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Angela Cipollone, Marcella Corsi, Carlo D’Ippoliti
  • The Reason of Decreasing Trend of Female Labour Force Participation in Turkey: the Role of Conservatism (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Idil Göksel

D9 Population ageing (co-organizzata con la  SIS e la SIS-AISP)
Presiede: Alessandra De Rose – Discutono: Alessandra De Rose, Alberto Niccoli

  • Donne e uomini nella fase finale della vita lavorativa: come cambiano le scelte (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Sara Basso, Cecilia Reynaud
  • When Elders Rule: Is Gerontocracy Harmful for Growth? A Comparative Study of Seven European Countries (Abstract) 
    Vincenzo Atella, Lorenzo Carbonari
  • Affordability of care and quality of work. Policies to reduce irregular employment in elderly care (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Annamaria Simonazzi, Sara Picchi

D10 Issues in economic methodology
Presiede: Mario Pomini – Discutono: Mario Pomini, Giovanni Scarano

D11 Welfare
Presiede: Paolo Onofri – Discutono: Marco Musella, Paolo Onofri

  • A General Theory of Welfare: Moral goods and Right Conducts under Uncertainty (Abstract)  (Full text) 
    Silva Marzetti Dall’Aste Brandolini
  •  Optimal Decisions on Pension Plans in the Presence of Financial Literacy Costs (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Lorenzo Corsini, Luca Spataro


12:00-13:15 Lezione plenaria

Thomas Piketty (Ecole d’économie de Paris), Will XXI century capitalism be as unequal as XIX century capitalism?

13:15-14:15 Lunch

14:15-16:15 Sessioni parallele

E1 International trade and domestic productivity
Presiede: Caterina Colombo – Discutono: Caterina Colombo, Rodolfo Helg

  • New Imported Inputs, New Domestic Products (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Italo Colantone, Rosario Crinò
  •  Rethinking the import-productivity nexus for Italian manufacturing: do exports matter? (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giuliano Conti, Alessia Lo Turco, Daniela Maggioni
  •  Innovation Activities and Firms’ Future Exports Decisions (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Piergiuseppe Morone, Francesco Renna, Giuseppina Testa
  •  Buyer-Supplier Relationships, Exporting and Innovation (Abstract) (Full text)
    Massimiliano Bratti, Giulia Felice

E2 Environment and growth
Presiede: Giulio Cainelli – Discutono: Giulio Cainelli, Paolo Polinori

  • On Local Environmental Protection (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Fabio Fiorillo, Agnese Sacchi
  •  Crescita economica e sostenibilità ambientale: Un modello d’interazione ecologica tra due popolazioni (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giovanni Scarano
  • Taxing International Emission Trading (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Valeria Costantini, Alessio D’Amato, Chiara Martini, Cristina Tommasino, Edilio Valentini, Mariangela Zoli
  • Waste Sustainability, Environmental Management and Mafia: Analysing Geographical and Economic Dimensions (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Alessio D’Amato, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Francesco Nicolli

E3 Transport and consumption
Presiede: Edoardo Marcucci – Discutono: Edoardo Marcucci, Matteo Richiardi

  •  Expenditures efficiency capitalization in the price of housing: The case of urban transport in Italian municipalities (Abstract) 
    Angela Stefania Bergantino, Francesco Porcelli
  •  Low Cost Carriers and Airports Performance: Empirical Evidence from a panel of UK Airports (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Anna Bottasso, Maurizio Conti, Claudio A. Piga
  • (Un)expected retirement and the consumption puzzle (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Margherita Borella, Flavia Coda Moscarola, Mariacristina Rossi
  •  Comparison and empirical validation of optimizing and agent-based models of the Italian Electricity market (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Eric Guerci, Alessandro Sapio

E4 Law and economics  (co-organizzata con la  SIDE)
Presiede: Antonio Nicita – Discutono: Magda Bianco, Antonio Nicita

  •  Factors Determining the Duration of Legal Disputes. An Empirical Analysis with Micro Data (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Giuseppe Di Vita
  •  Legitimate Punishment, Feedback, and the Enforcement of Cooperation (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Marco Faillo, Daniela Grieco, Luca Zarri
  • Sull’ampiezza ottimale delle giurisdizioni locali: il caso delle province italiane (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Guglielmo Barone
  • Match rigging and the favorite long-shot bias in the Italian football betting market (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Marco Rossi

E5 Macroeconomics: theoretical issues
Presiede: Damiano Bruno Silipo – Discutono: Massimiliano Marzo, Damiano Bruno Silipo

  •  Policymakers’ votes and predictability of monetary policy (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Andrei Sirchenko
  • Edgeworth Dependence and Government Spending Multipliers: a Theoretical Analysis (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Luigi Marattin, Arsen Palestini
  •  The Two-Price Model Revisited. A Minskian-Kaleckian Reading of the Process of ‘Financialization’ (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Marco Passarella
  •  Productivity Growth and Volatility: How Important are Wage and Price Rigidities? (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Barbara Annicchiarico, Alessandra Pelloni

E6 Economic growth: theoretical issues
Presiede: Luigi Bonatti – Discutono: Giorgio Bellettini, Luigi Bonatti

  •  The behavior of others acts as a referee point: an application of prospect theory (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Francesco Bogliacino, Pietro Ortoleva
  •  Endogenous lifetime, accidental bequests and economic growth (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Luciano Fanti, Luca Gori, Fabio Tramontana
  • Urban Agglomeration and Aggregate Economic Growth (Abstract) 
    Domingo Pérez Ximénez-de-Embùn
  • International Capital Flows and Credit Market Imperfections: a Tale of Two Frictions (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Alberto Martin, Filippo Taddei

E7 Financial crisis and financial reform
Presiede:  Mario Tonveronachi – Discutono: Alberto Franco Pozzolo, Mario Tonveronachi

E8 Mathematical analysis of financial markets and the global crisis (co-organizzata con l’ AMASES)
Presiede: Flavio Pressacco – Discutono:  Stefano Herzel, Flavio Pressacco

  • A simple financial market model with chartists and fundamentalists: market entry levels and discontinuities (Abstract) (Full text)
    Fabio Tramontana, Frank Westerhoff, Laura Gardini
  • Intercorporate guarantees, leverage and taxes (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Elisa Luciano, Giovanna Nicodano
  •  Analytical cyclical price-dividend ratios (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Fausto Mignanego, Alessandro Sbuelz
  •  Ordinal utility and the market prices of semi-moments (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Riccardo Cesari, Carlo D’Adda

E9 Current labour-market issues
Presiede: Paolo Pini – Discutono: Elisabetta Magnani, Paolo Pini

  •  Risky jobs and wage differentials: an indirect test for segregation (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Vincenzo Carrieri, Edoardo Di Porto, Leandro Elia
  • Is there wage polarization in Europe Aggregate and individual level analysis (Abstract) 
    Riccardo Massari, Paolo Naticchioni, Giuseppe Ragusa
  •  Pratiche lavorative, relazioni industriali e propensione alle innovazioni (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Paola Gritti, Riccardo Leoni
  • The Puzzle of Job Search and Housing Tenure: a Reconciliation of Theory and Empirical Evidence (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Andrea Morescalchi

E10 L’industria italiana tra declino e trasformazione. Quale relazione con il ristagno dell’economia italiana? (co-organizzata con la STOREP)
Presiede: Attilio Trezzini – Discutono: Marcello De Cecco, Attilio Trezzini

  •  L’industria italiana tra declino e trasformazione: un quadro di riferimento (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Fulvio Coltorti
  •  Sviluppo trainato dalla produttività o dalle connessioni: due diverse prospettive di analisi e di intervento pubblico nella realtà economica italiana (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Andrea Ginzburg
  •  Divergenze nei costi unitari, squilibri commerciali e crisi dell’unità europea (Abstract) 
    Emiliano Brancaccio, Rosario Patalano

E11 The role of cities in the knowledge economy (co-organizzata con l’ A.I.S.Re)
Presiede: Riccardo Cappellin – Discutono: Gianluigi Gorla, Fabio Mazzola

  • Foreign Direct Investment and Growth: a Regional European Perspective (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Laura Casi, Laura Resmini
  • Agglomeration economies and the regional policy choices of countries (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Ugo Fratesi
  •  The bright side of Social Capital: How ‘bridging’ makes Italian provinces more innovative (Abstract) (Full text) 
    Riccardo Crescenzi, Luisa Gagliardi, Marco Percoco
  • La valutazione della programmazione negoziata in Italia: un’analisi controfattuale (Abstract) 
    Paolo Rizzi, Antonio Dallara



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