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54ª RSA - Università di Bologna - 24-26 Ottobre




Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna

Department of Economics – Piazza Scaravilli, 2

24-26 October 2013






13:00-14.30 Registration



A1 Growth and tax (co-organized with SIEP) – Aula Magna
Chair: Massimo Bordignon, Mauro Marè – Opening remarks: Piercarlo Padoan (Chief Economist e Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD)

A2 The green economy (co-organized with IAERE) – Aula 11
Chair: Laura Castellucci

A3 Spatial econometrics methods (co-organized with SIDE) – Aula 3
Chair: Giuseppe Cavaliere

A4 Towards a Bio-based economy (co-organized with AIEAA) – Aula 21
Chair: Donato Romano

A5 Issues in regional economics (co-organized with AISRE) – Aula 31
Chair: Enrico Ciciotti

A6 Game theory (co-organized with AMASES) – Aula 2
Chair: Bruno Viscolani

A7 Social capital – Aula 12
Chair: Leonardo Becchetti

A8 Innovation – Aula 22
Chair: Alessandra Chirco

A9 Inequality (co-organized with AISSEC) – Aula 32
Chiar: Elisabetta Croci Angelini

A10 Trade – Aula 1
Chair: Caterina Colombo

16:30-16:45 Welcome address


B1 Round Table “Industry Reinassance” – Aula Magna
Chair: Patrizio Bianchi – Discussant: Gilberto Antonelli
Speaker: Ha-Joon Chang

B2 History of the antitrust law and economics (co-organized with AISPE) – Aula 11
Chair: Michele Grillo, Nicola Giocoli

B3 Regulation in public utility – Aula 3
Chair: Lorenzo Robotti

B4 Food security, natural and human capital  – Aula 21
Chair: Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo, Giuseppe Folloni

19:00 Welcome cocktail – “Le Stanze” – Via del Borgo di San Pietro 1



C1 Young economist session – Aula Magna
Chair: Alberto Zazzaro

C2 Theory and policy making in economics (co-organized with STOREP) – Aula 11
Chair: Sergio Nisticò

C3 Industrial structure and crisis reaction (co-organized with SIEPI) – Aula 3
Chair: Piercarlo Frigero

C4 Energy and environmental markets integration (co-organized with AIEE) – Aula 21
Chair: Carlo Andrea Bollino

C5 Health (co-organized with AIES) –  Aula 31
Chair: Giacomo Pignataro

C6 Social issues – Aula 2
Chair: Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo

C7 Migration – Aula 12
Chair: Maria Luigia Segnana

C8 Production – Aula 22
Chair: Riccardo Leoncini

C9 Interaction – Aula 32
Chair: Michele Polo

C10 Lessons from the crisis – Aula 1
Chair: Marcella Corsi


D1 Cultural economics (co-organized with AEC) – Aula Magna
Chair: Innocenzo Cipolletta

D2 Applied econometrics – Aula 11
Chair: Maria Elena Bontempi

D3 Innovation – Aula 3
Chair. Giovanni Marseguerra

D4 Macroeconomic policy – Aula 21
Chair:  Antonello Eugenio Scorcu

D5 Labour -Aula 31
Chair: Paolo Pini

D6 History of thought – Aula 2
Chair: Neri Salvadori

D7 Environment – Aula 12
Chair: Valeria Costantini

D8 Food and child – Aula 22
Chair: Marina Murat

D9 Firms – Aula 32
Chair: Luigi Bonatti

D10 Institutions – Aula 1
Chair: Luigi Alberto Franzoni

11:45-12:00 Coffee break

12:00-13:30 Inaugural Lecture – Paul Klemperer (Oxford University), “New auction designs for public policy”  – Aula Magna
Chair: Luca Lambertini

13:30-14:30 Lunch


E1 Round Table “The economics curriculum in the Italian secondary school” (co-organized with AEEE) – Aula Magna
Chair: Alessandro Roncaglia
Speakers: Roberto Fini, Giovanni Biondi, Enrico Castrovilli, Francesco Silva

E2 Inequality reduction and food security (co-organized with SITES) – Aula 11
Chair: Giovanni Andrea Cornia

E3 Money and finance – Aula 3
Chair: Carlotta Berti Ceroni

E4 Incentive – Aula 21
Chiar: Corrado Benassi

E5 District and city – Aula 31
Chair: Roberto Basile

E6 Education – Aula 2
Chair: Romano Piras

E7 Financial markets – Aula 12
Chair: Giuseppe Coco

E8 Family – Aula 22
Chair: Giorgio Di Giorgio

E9 Economic history – Aula 32
Chair:  Manuela Mosca

E10 Public procurement – Aula 1
Chair: Paola Valbonesi

16:45-18:45 SIE Members Annual Meeting

20:00 Social Dinner – “La Scuderia” – Piazza Verdi 2



F1 Developments in the European labour markets (co-organized with AIEL) – Aula Magna
Chair: Paolo Naticchioni

F2 Tax – Aula 11
Chair: Giampaolo Arachi

F3 Change – Aula 3
Chair: Giorgia Giovannetti

F4 Bank – Aula 21
Chair: Massimiliano Marzo

F5 Inflation – Aula 31
Chair: Damiano Bruno Silipo

F6 Growth – Aula 2
Chair: Paolo Onofri

F7 Spatial dependence – Aula 12
Chair: Luigi Benfratello

F8 Production – Aula 22
Chair: Pierluigi Porta

F9 Issues in political economy – Aula 32
Chair: Giorgio Bellettini

F10 Econometrics – Aula 1
Chair: Roberto Golinelli


G1 Transportation and logistics (co-organized with SIET) – Aula Magna
Chair: Romeo Danielis

G2 Economic and labour policies for young people (co-organized with EACES) – Aula 11
Chair: Marcello Signorelli

G3 Money and credit – Aula 3
Chair: Pietro Alessandrini

G4 Economic policy – Aula 21
Chair: Nicola Acocella

G5 Productivity – Aula 31
Chiar: Donata Favaro

G6 Growth in Europe – Aula 2
Chair: Michele Fratianni

G7 Issues in industrial economics – Aula 12
Chair: Francesco Silva

G8 Macroeconomic models – Aula 22
Chair: Roberto Tamborini

G9 School and labour – Aula 32
Chair: Maria Rosaria Carillo

G10 Round Table “The foreign job markets for economists”  – Aula 1
Chair: Roberto Cellini
Speakers: Gianni De Fraja, Ramon Marimon, Mattia Nardotto

11:20-11:40 Coffee break

11:40-12:40 Einaudi Lecture (plenary) – Romano Prodi  “The Future of Europe” – Aula Magna
Chair: Alberto Quadrio Curzio

12:45 Closing address



POSTER SESSION P1 “Applied microeconomics” – Friday morning

  • On the Measurement of Dissimilarity and Related Orders
    Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli
  • Dynamic Gasoline Taxation
    Henry Aray
  • Comparing different poverty rankings: Evidence from Italian EU-SILC Dataset
    Sabrina Auci, Annalisa Castelli, Mariangela Zoli
  • What Drives Patient Mobility Across Italian Regions? Evidence from Hospital Discharge Data
    Silvia Balia, Rinaldo Brau, Emanuela Marrocu
  • Transition to Sustainability: Scenarios Towards a Low-Carbon Economy
    Giovanni Bernardo, Simone D’Alessandro
  • Paying for others’ protection: Causal evidence on wages in a two-tier system
    Mário Centeno, Álvaro A. Novo
  • Parents’ Status, Social Connections and Prestige: Evidence from Survey Data
    Luisa Corrado, Francesca Marazzi
  • And Now for Something Completely Different: Females Are Not More Risk Averse than Males
    Paolo Crosetto, Antonio Filippin
  • Food Security and Social Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: an Evaluation of Cash Transfer Programs
    Giorgio d’Agostino, Luca Pieroni, Margherita Scarlato
  • Trust and reciprocity: Extensions and robustness of triadic design
    Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Stefano Papa
  • Pre-market Abilities, Education, and Employment Outcomes: An Analysis of British Females
    Donata Favaro, Dario Sciulli
  • The Impact of Capital Measurement Error Correction on Firm-Level Production Function Estimation
    Kamil Galuščȧk, Lubomír Lízal
  • Survey Design and Response Analysis: a Study on Happiness, Life Satisfaction and Well-being in Piedmont, a Region of Italy
    Anna Maffioletti, Agata Maida, Francesco Scacciati
  • Hedonic vs Environmental Quality: Wich Policy May Reduce Pollution Emissions?
    Andrea Mantovani, Cecilia Vergari
  • Modelling Technical Efficiency in Cross Sectionally Dependent Panels
    Camilla Mastromarco, Laura Serlenga, Yongeheol Shin
  • Gender gaps in recurrence and concentration of unemployment: evidence from youth leaving the education system in France
    Mouhamadou Moustapha Niang
  • Estimating the Returns to Educational Mismatch with Panel Data: the Role of Unobserved Heterogeneity
    Marco Pecoraro
  • The psychology and economics of reverse mortgage attitudes: evidence from the Netherlands
    Henriette Prast, Mariacristina Rossi, Rik Dillingh, Cesira Urzì Brancati
  • A “Human Growth” Perspective on Organizational Resources and Firm Performance
    Silvia Sacchetti, Ermanno C.Tortia
  • Indirect Taxation, Public Pricing and Price Cap Regulation: A Synthesis
    Edilio Valentini

POSTER SESSION P2 “Applied macroeconomics” – Friday afternoon

  • Does cutting back the public sector improve efficiency? Some evidence from 15 European countries
    Sabrina Auci, Laura Castellucci, Manuela Coromaldi
  • Environmental Cooperation among European Countries
    Carlo Andrea Bollino, Silvia Micheli
  • Intragenerational Income Mobility: a Nonparametric Estimate
    Irene Brunetti, Davide Fiaschi
  • La relazione tra incertezza e attività economica in Italia
    Guido Bulligan, Simone Emiliozzi
  • Debt Financing and External Debt: The Case of Italy
    Gianluca Cafiso
  • Fiscal Policies and Interest Rates in the European Monetary Union: An Empirical Analysis
    Gabriella Catalano
  • Finite Mixture Modeling of Unemployment Duration: the Role of Benefits and Wealth
    Lorenzo Corsini, Paolo Frumento
  • Measuring Horizontal Fiscal Imbalances: the Case of Italian Municipalities
    Giuseppe Di Liddo, Ernesto Longobardi, Francesco Porcelli
  • A Nonlinear Approach for the Analysis of Tourism Expenditures
    Marta Disegna, Fabrizio Durante, Enrico Foscolo
  • Political ambition and public spending in a multi-level government setting
    Andrea Filippetti, Lucio Morettini
  • Beyond Austerity. A European Recovery Policy is Feasible
    Riccardo Fiorentini, Guido Montani
  • Sustainability and Competitiveness in Evolutionary Perspectives. Environmental Innovations, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics in the EU
    Marianna Gilli, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Francesco Nicolli
  • Comparing the Sustainability of the 27 European Countries: a Robustness Approach
    Tommaso Luzzati, Gianluca Gucciardi
  • Gli effetti delle garanzie pubbliche al credito: due misure a confronto
    Marco Mariani, Fabrizia Mealli, Elena Pirani
  • The Equity Premium Puzzle and the Risk-Free Rate Puzzle: Does Business Cycle Asymmetry Matter?
    Andrea Pisante
  • Relative Prices, Trade, Technology and Wage Inequality – Evidence from India
    Archana Srivastava, Somesh Kumar Mathur
  • Le politiche di sviluppo per il Mezzogiorno. Una visione d’insieme su teoria e prassi degli interventi
    Claudia Sunna
  • Time-Varying Parameter Estimation in Macroeconometrics
    Guido Travaglini
  • Asymmetric Information, Minority Shareholder Protection and Firms’ Propensity to Issue External Equity
    Wenming Xu

POSTER SESSION P3” Economic theory” – Saturday morning

  • Great Recession and U.S. Consumers’ Bulimia: Deep Causes and Possible Ways Out
    Stefano Bartolini, Luigi Bonatti, Francesco Sarracino
  • The Effects of Workers’ Sexual Orientation Disclosure in the Workplaces
    Luigi Bonaventura
  • Ownership networks and aggregate volatility
    Lorenzo Burlon
  • Money and Trust among Strangers
    Gabriele Camera, Marco Casari, Maria Bigoni
  • A Note on State Capture, Bureaucratic Corruption and Industrial structure
    Roy Cerqueti, Raffaela Coppier
  • Pubblicazioni: di che genere? Analisi bibliometrica della produzione scientifica delle economiste italiane negli ultimi dieci anni
    Marcella Corsi, Giulia Zacchia
  • Impatience and Academic Performance. Less Effort and Less Ambitious Goals
    Maria De Paola, Francesca Gioia
  • Mortality Salience, Self-esteem and Status Seeking
    Caterina Giannetti, Raimondello Orsini
  • Supply Chain Configuration under Information Sharing
    Mohammad Ali Kashefi
  • La rinegoziazione delle regole fiscali: una proposta per il disegno del sistema perequativo dei comuni itlaiani
    Ernesto Longobardi, Francesco Porcelli, Alberto Zanardi
  • Open Access Journals & Academics’ Behaviour
    Matteo Migheli, Giovanni B. Ramello
  • Waste Performances, Endogenous Technology, and Policy Effects
    Francesco Nicolli, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Roberto Zoboli
  • Learning and Information in Sequential Price Competiton: Measuring the Second Movers’ Strategic Advantage
    Niall O’Higgins, Arturo Palomba, Patrizia Sbriglia
  • Cultural Networks Formation
    Anna Papaccio
  • Labour Market Performance and the Quality of Industrial Relations
    Giulio Piccirilli
  • Are Probability and Certainty Equivalent Techniques Equivalent? Evidence from Gambles Involving Life Years and Quality of Life
    Matteo Ruggeri.




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