Call for papers

SIE, the Italian Economic Association, is proud to announce the birth of the Italian Economic Journal, the result of a merger between Rivista Italiana degli Economisti (RIE), the journal founded by the Italian Economic Association in 1996, and Giornale degli Economisti (GdE), the oldest academic economics journal in Italy founded in 1875, which acquired international reputation from 1890 through the contributions of Pantaleoni, Pareto, Barone and other eminent scholars, including Barone, De Viti De Marco, Edgeworth, Einaudi, de Finetti, Gini, Modigliani, Slutsky, Tinbergen and Walras.

The Italian Economic Journal, edited by Springer will be published quarterly; the issue one of the first volume is scheduled for April 2015.

Italian Economic Journal intends to publish scientific articles in all areas of political economy and economic policy, providing a scholarly, international forum for all methodological approaches and schools of thought.

In particular, as official journal of the Italian Economic Association, the Italian Economic Journal aims at encouraging and disseminating high quality researches about the Italian and the European economy.

To fulfill this aim, the journal welcomes applied, institutional and theoretical papers dealing in a rigorous, up-to-date, and timely fashion with issues which can be of relevance for the European and Italian economic debate.

To send an article, authors are requested to follow the instructions in the web-site of the Italian Economic Journal at Springer

The Journal is peer-reviewed, with refereeing process according to international standards.

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