In May of 1950, by initiative of the Board of Founding Members composed of Gustavo Del Vecchio, Giovanni De Maria, Luigi Einaudi, Pasquale Jannaccone, Giuseppe Ugo Papi, Volrico Travaglini and Francesco Vito, the Associazione Italiana di Economia Politica was established.

The Statute draft, handwritten by Volrico Travaglini, is dated September 9th, 1950. In this first elaboration the initial denomination of “Associazione Italiana di Economia Politica” was changed to “Associazione Italiana degli Economisti” and then, in the final formulation of the Statute presented, discussed and approved at the first Assembly on November 29th, 1950 at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, to its final denomination of “Società Italiana degli Economisti”.

In February 1951, in the journal Economia Internazionale the SIE’s creation was formally announced, founded “to fulfill the aspirations of many Italian scholars”. The announcement, published in Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish reported the composition of the first Board of Directors and the designation of the Honorary President, Luigi Einaudi. In addition, it stated that the Association had adhered to the Association Internationale des Sciences Economiques, that it had established its headquarters in Turin and the Secretariat General in Genoa, at the Institute of International Economics. In 1986, the Secretariat General was transferred to Ancona, where in 1987 the SIE’s headquarters were also moved.

The Associations’s first meeting was held in Genoa with the discussion of Marco Fanno’s speech on the theme of “The Theories of the Economic Cycle.” Since 1963, the SIE has organized the Annual Scientific Meeting. In 1995, it began the publication of the Rivista Italiana degli Economisti – The Journal of the Italian Economic Association.



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